Being With What Is

Tilia Giron, RScP

Being With What Is
by Tilia Giron, RScP

What I know is that God is with me always
Even when I lose the moment of knowing.
And when I am on the brink of becoming caught up in the chaos
If I just remember, all is well.

And when I let go of being the one to ‘solve’ all my issues
And simply be with what is, I am home.
I am back again in a space of calm and Spirit.
Simply being with what is.

And so, I call upon that One Great Universal Mind
For me to be aware
That all I have to do is pause
And allow myself to relax into the Mindless Ocean of Beingness
That is always there. Always.

That place of flow
That place of allowing
The moment of stillness
And in the All that is.

That is my knowing
For now and for then
My call.
And I place my word into the Universe
That I know with all the certainty of The Divinity within me
That I am now, have been and always will be in that sterling stillness of Divine Beingness.

Knowing that also my word cannot come back void
I release it into that great Wondrous Void of Divine Blessings
To become actualized into the now that already is.
And so it is!!!