by Marylyn Kirk, RScP

What I know about today is that today is the BEST. DAY. EVER!  How do I know this? Because it is a brand-new baby day, filled with promise and potential, never having been lived before.  I know that Spirit is the only and ultimate reality. And, in the eyes of Spirit, I know that every negative condition of the past is swept aside. Spirit does not see it, and I refuse to see it or think about it. Yesterday is no longer here; tomorrow never comes. Today is the day. This day is my day, bright with hope and filled with promise.

Today my heart is without fear. I have implicit confidence in the good, the enduring, in Truth and in Justice.  I am healthy and filled with energy and vitality.

Today I envision a world that works for everyone regardless of color, creed, finances, religion, sexual preference, age, or gender. 

Today I guard my thoughts and speech. I will keep my consciousness clean and free to express the good that I see and experience, realizing that there is a spiritual power on which I can rely.

Today I discover my capacity to influence my reality and to take charge of my life and emotions. I know and claim that I live in a humane world with a balanced and fair system of government and healthcare that cares for all equally.

Today I embrace and send love to all leaders in our government as they bring about a more honorable and peaceful government that is responsive to its constituents regardless of color, creed, finances, religion, sexual preference, age, or gender. 

Today I listen with love, faith, and compassion. I know for every person the peace of being understood, heard, and loved.  I hear with my Inner Ear and respond from my Heart.

Today I open my heart and mind to the guidance and spiritual direction of the Creator.

I accept this truth fully in my life. I think it; I believe it and I embody it.  I am grateful that the creative process works through me, as me.  I give thanks that what I have declared is right now manifesting in me.

I trust the receptive nature of the Divine to respond in full to my word. I release my word to the action of Love and Law and let it be.

And So It Is