Big Tomato

Russell Tobey Pope

Big Tomato
by Russell Tobey Pope, RScP
Practitioner Emeritus

I was speaking to someone a month ago who mentioned she was making a large garden with fertile soil. For some reason I said, “ You’ll  get a big tomato.”  Thinking back, this is a perfect metaphor.

The Big Tomato:

Planting and growing a  tomato requires time, care, patience and love.
Prepare the soil.
Plant a seed.
The Sun/Spirit/God shines on the seed always.
Lightly water and tend the seed without seeing the plant growth underneath the soil.
The shoots break through the soil. When first noticed they are small and fragile.
With more tending, pulling weeds, using more water and fertilizer while  letting the SUN shine down covering the plant which is necessary for the tomato plant to grow strong and healthy,
Growth happens. At first slowly then more rapidly.
Flowers are produced and activated by bees/Spirit.
After the flowers are pollinated the fruit of life begins to grow.
More fertilizer and water are applied as the tomato grows under bright SUN.
The tomato starts to ripen as more water and fertilizer are applied.
Finally the tomato is BIG red and juicy.
The Tomato is so good.
When the internal seeds of this ripe tomato are cared for they can be  buried  in new fertile soil for new growth.
And the process starts over and over.

The Big Tomato of our thoughts and lives.

As we open our lives to Spirit all is possible.

We absolutely know our thoughts words and prayers have power and are careful to plant a positive “seed” in the soil of our mind knowing Spirit shines on it and is all there is.

We release our affirmations/prayers into Spirit knowing they do not come back void.

After making an affirmation don’t doubt it but know it will come true. Sometimes this takes patience.  Don’t disturb the “soil” but nurture the affirmation/prayer knowing God shines on it.

Sometimes we see a glimpse of or prayer in action while it grows which is exciting.

Sometimes negative thoughts appear to dislodge the affirmation.  Pull them out like weeds and reaffirm the truth of God which is all, creating fertilizer for the affirmation and “water”/bless it allowing allowing it grow pure and strong.

Be patient: some affirmations/prayers or “seeds” take a while, while some bear fruit immediately.

When you witness an actualization or “Big Tomato” affirming the truth of God, it is easy to plant more “seeds”/affirmations/prayers which will bear fruit also.

Blessings with excitement, knowing PRAYER WORKS.