Board Update

Board Update

After service on Sunday, December 10 and before Social Hall, we will hold a brief community meeting in the Sanctuary. Online viewers will also be able to attend.

The meeting will likely take less than five minutes. Our Board President, Mark Ayers, has decided to run for another three-year term. We need to affirm his reelection.

Additionally, we may have a couple of quick announcements about some wonderful doings and happenings at RGCSL. We hope you will join us.

Thanksgiving Dinner: A Rousing Success

On Thanksgiving Day, the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living hosted nearly 35 people for Thanksgiving dinner. Attendees came in all types of ages and sizes, but we were a little younger crowd than we usually are!

As always, there was plenty of food to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Two turkeys, ample stuffing, green bean casserole, baked stuffed potatoes, multicolored carrots, cranberry sauce, and homemade apple cider were among the highlights.

And the dessert table was nothing less than a work of art. There were pies of nearly every imaginable variety, as well as other delectables that just cried out, “I’m calling to you!”

Special thanks go out to Michael Hacker and Sheryl Rae for organizing, publicizing, setting up, bringing turkey and goodies, and serving as our hosts. Michael McPherson got up at 3 AM on Thanksgiving morning to prepare his 17.5-pound turkey, as well as generous portions of stuffing right out of the turkey. We so appreciate you as a team for pulling this event off!

—  Mark Ayers, Board President