Born of Eternal Day

Liza Kerr, RScP

Born of Eternal Day
by Liza Kerr, RScP

Born of eternal Day –
Child of all Good, you are born of Eternal Day.  There is no evening of the Soul, for it shall live forever.  It is deathless and Perfect, Complete and One with the Everlasting.
~Ernest Holmes

Our intuition is working on a level that we cannot see.  When we begin to trust our intuition, a path opens before us guiding us in all of our decision making.  When we meditate we surrender to and connect with the quiet voice that is God, that allows intuition to develop.  The more we use it and trust it the more powerful it becomes. 

I believe in One God.  That God is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega.  There is nothing that is not God.  Anything that I need I get from my God; Peace, Happiness, Serenity, Joy, Harmony, Understanding, Compassion, and Love, most of all Love. 

I know I am one with God.  I am not the creator but a creation and I know that the innermost God and the outermost God are one and the same.  I am who is God.  I am.  I know that heaven is a state of mind that I experience here on Earth.  It is up to me to recognize it, for to the extent that I recognize it, it is true.  My state of mind is in my control.  If I can change my thinking I can change my life.  If this is true for me it is true for each of you.  We are each masters of our own destiny.

By speaking my Word I make my innermost desires know to God and there is nothing my God cannot provide.  Today I speak my word for love, compassion and the eternality of the soul.  I remember and honor those that have gone before me, honoring their memories and embracing their journey.   I know that they are safe, secure, content, and happy.  I know that they are still part of who I am will always and forever be part of my journey.  I honor the divinity of them, and the am so grateful for being able to share my journey with them.  Today, especially I honor and remember my mother on her birthday, knowing that she is and always will be a part of my life.  I am so grateful for everything I learned from her and for the love and compassion that she taught me as being the foundations of my life.  I know that as she continues her journey she is still part of mine. 

I am so grateful knowing that this manifestation has already occurred and that divine guidance, love and compassion are always and forever a part of my life. 

I release this prayer to the Law of Mind, knowing it cannot come back to me void.  AND SO IT IS.