Born of Starlight

Born of Starlight
Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living
Taos Study Group

For each, for the joy of working and each in his separate star, Shall paint the thing as he sees It, for the God of things as they are. ~ Ernest Holmes  ~

Infinite Divine Life, Universal Energy, in this precious now moment I turn to that force that radiates my very being.  I feel the Presence intimately as my very breath, my heartbeat, and all that I am.  Immersed in this Presence I turn within and endeavor to contemplate the Infinite.  Searching the night sky and the countless stars and planets fills me with a sense of awe and wonder.  And in those rare and precious moments when I am still and can see and feel and touch this Presence fully, I know and fully understand that I, too, am made of pure light.  And in those awakened moments, I connect more fully, expand more deeply, and allow the peace of Spirit to wash over me.  I rejoice in the incredible concept that I am born of starlight, and it fills me with grace.  Fully embodying this idea, I go forth into my human experience with renewed vigor, knowing that I extend that light to all who wish to partake of it.  With great gratitude, I release these words into the immutable Law.  And so it is.