Breakdown to Breakthrough

Breakdown to Breakthrough
by Yvette Trujillo, RScP

As I find myself in the midst of the chaos, pain and discomfort of a shifting world, I was seeking guidance and comfort. This morning I ran across this except from Barbara Marx Hubbard in her book Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence. My hope is that it brings you peace as it has for me:

“As the Emergence Process accelerated within me, I found myself trying to hold on to my old pattern out of fear that I would be left bereft. I clung to my familiar life pattern, knowing that it was not working as it was, especially in my work and my relationship. But I was afraid to let go.

Despite my fearful efforts to maintain it, the old pattern disintegrated and fell away. This is natural. The social structures that sustained us are breaking down, while new consciousness and social systems are barely breaking through. Few of us have yet found where we fit best in the emerging world. “….” Feelings of fear, chaos, and panic, both in our inner world as well as the outer world, are natural and real. Yet, when we see our problems from an evolutionary perspective, we recognize that our crisis is potentially the birth of a new culture and a new human. From the vantage point of or Essential Self, we realize that such problems and concerns are evolutionary drivers. They are stimulating our own Emergence.

Nonetheless, during this period I went through a period of panic. Chaos seemed to be everywhere. It felt like “failure,” but in retrospect I see that, as is so often the case, the breakdown was absolutely essential to allow the breakthrough to occur.”