Call for Present Mindedness

Call for Present Mindedness
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, Ph.D., RScP

In that arena where the Allness resides and has Its Indwelling Essence of Ever Abiding Presence, I call forth that All Pervasive Presence of Unbounded Love. 

As I do, I know that All That Is exists with that Eternal Now. 

As that Divine Essence exists in that Eternal Now, I simultaneously in the Eternal Now, I call forth Present Mindedness. I call forth a consciousness that resides in The Eternally Present Moment in order that I may be eternally invested in that Eternal Love where All Love, All Knowing and All Gifts reside.

It is the place where the bounty of the eternal feast is offered…Offered for our taking should we desire. 

And so it is that I choose to partake of this Feast of Eternal Love and to do so, I need to make known my intention and act to choose the Now as the Dish of Infinite Offering. The plate where all goodness makes itself available to me. 

I give thanks for this generous heart and offering before me and say Yes!!!! Yes, Dearly Beloved Spirit of all Spirits that I may know and reside in This eternal moment of Unceasing Depth and Expansion of a Love and a Light so profound that it has yet be described in words though ancients and mystics have tried since the beginning of recorded time and language. 

May we all know within our hearts and beings this exquisite Presence and Goodness which though escapes description but is felt and undeniably experienced in this blessed moment of Divine Oneness. And so it is.