Turn to Wholeness

Turn to WholenessAlicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner EmeritusTaos Study Group I now know and declare that Wholeness is everything and everyone, and that it always overcomes separation. So in this moment, as I quiet my mind and sense the Presence, I see this Wholeness present in all things. I am filled with wonder and joy at the beauty in my world, as I know:  God is all there is. My heart swells with abundant Love for … Read More


Lovater Jones, RScP

Appearance by Lovater H Jones, RScP “We all know that things are not what they seem. For instance, the earth and the sky do not meet; the horizon is simply the limitation of our vision but not a thing of itself; and the rails of a railroad do not come together as they appear to.” As a youngster growing up in South Florida I was fascinated by what appeared to be waves of water as … Read More


Teresa Greco, RScP

Gracedby Teresa Greco, RScP I acknowledge the presence of Spirit within and my days are filled with joy and love.  Gratitude flows within every cell in my body because  I know I am graced by Its presence.  This One Spirit shared by humanity is within me. It blesses me, loves and guides my thoughts, words and actions. It is all there is and I am filled with gratitude. The gifts I receive because of its … Read More

Harmony at Work

Harmony at Workby Marylyn Kirk, RScP I Am One with the Infinite Spirit, one Power, one Presence – the Infinite Spirit of Goodness that is everywhere and is in everything. I am divinely connected with all of life. I know that Divine Harmony follows me everywhere, especially at my place of work. I am surrounded with rational, peaceful and thoughtful people who desire the highest and best Good from every situation and from every person … Read More

Life is an Adventure

Life is an Adventure by Julia Washington, RScP Yes, Life is an adventure, remarkable and exciting, with all the up’s and downs. When your world is running off the tracks. (SMILE) knowing God is every where present. We can all find Grace in the giving of Sprit, this is something we recognize, with acceptance of Sprit as the Good in our life’s. With this acceptance, we bring forth Harmony in our world, and affairs, moving … Read More