What Simply Is

What Simply Isby Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister God is.  One Principle, One Presence, One Power, One magnificent Thing that simply is.  It needs no name, no description, for it is all. And I know that I am One with the Principle of God, One with the Presence of God, and I feel and embody the Power of God.  I am. And so I speak my word for faith. The kind of faith that … Read More

The Source of All Life

Teresa Greco, RScP

The Source of All Lifeby Teresa Greco, RScP There is one intelligence in the universe and it is the source of all life.  It is the source of all good and I see it in my dog who manifests all the qualities of Spirit.  There is an unlimited presence of love and acceptance that I experience being around him.  He is always there and his patience is surpassed only by his unconditional love.  He shows … Read More

Of God

Kerry Blecha, RScP

Of Godby Kerry Blecha, RScP In the stars at night I see the infinite nature of God.In the golden sunrise, I feel the warmth of God’s love.In the labors of my day I understand the abundance of God.In the faces of children, I see the beauty of God’s creation.In the rolling waves I see the boundless power of God.In the deep forest, I find the ever-lasting peace of God.In the pink sunset, I am filled … Read More

Allowing Our Hearts to Heal

Allowing Our Hearts to Healby Alicia K. HanlenPractitioner EmeritusTaos Center for Spiritual Living “May we not be of one heart, though we are not of one opinion?”  — John Wesley, 1749  Divine Life, Infinite Awareness and Being, I reach out now through the invisible ethers and connect to the Oneness.  I allow myself to feel the love, the support, and the unwavering fullness of this timeless moment. I appreciate that in this precious dance of … Read More

Thought Ancestor

Thought Ancestor by Lovater Jones, RScP “We know that the Ancestor of every action is a thought.” ~ Emerson’s Essays, Ralph Waldo Emerson   What a great metaphor for the thing(s) that bring our experiences to life: “Thought Ancestors.”  Thoughts are the beginning of what is certain to appear, and we are reminded that effects are always equal to their causes. In the Science of Mind text, Holmes writes “thought is an inner movement, which … Read More