Russell Tobey Pope

by Russell Tobey Pope, RScP
Practitioner Emeritus

A well known, loved  and respected clergy in California Robert Schuller Senior, started each sermon at the Crystal Cathedral a beautiful mega-church with a deep booming voice saying, “This is the day the lord has made. Rejoice in it!!”  This message was unconditional.  It is easy to say for you or others when there is health, abundance, a beautiful day, there is love all around, happiness and joyful laughter.

Please know with me: There is only One definable Force as the infinite, only One.  There is no division, good or bad, right or wrong only the One divine Source of all.  This I call God.  You are part of this God.

This Spirit is you, in all life, and thru all situations.  There is only this One. 

Knowing you are part of God expressing in all situations LOVE YOURSELF just as you are.  No judgements.  Rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, happy or sad, successful or not, you are an expression of God.  LOVE YOURSELF.   

Knowing Love is TRUTH at the bottom of your Soul give thanks for Life as you, for “This is the day the Lord has made; rejoice in it”

LET GO and release your prayer into the infinite knowing it does not come back void    All is God and all is Love.