Celebrating Life

Julia Washington, RScP

Celebrating Life
by Julia Washington, RScP

Gratitude, Thankfulness

Celebrating Life,

Everyday life is a backdrop

for the God within to show up.

Remember to be and feel grateful,

count our blessings, as we

stretch out our hands to each other.

In giving to others, we let go and forgive ourselves

and others.

Letting the Good in, Wholeness, Peace, Joy,

Health, Wealth, and The Goodness

of Life that overflows.

“Take a moment to feel, listen & learn”

The real you, see the true Beauty of Life.

Life overflows with gratitude,

Positive attitude, open Spirit, open heart, warm hugs, friendly pat on the back.

God Bless each and everyone

I am so Grateful for you all in my life.

and So It Is