Celebrating the Spirit of Love and Peace

Kathleen Miathiason, RScP

Celebrating the Spirit of Love and Peace
by Kathleen Mathiason, RScP

The spirit of Love and Peace pervades every atom of my being making me whole, joyous, and perfect. I know that all the functions of my body respond to this inner joy that wells up within me. I now awaken these God given gifts within me; I feel wonderful. My spiritual being is illumined with the light of joy and peace is the only thing in which I speak. The Light of God illuminates my path and guides my way with grace and ease.

Emotionally I am perfectly balanced; there is a Divine equilibrium functioning in my mind, body, and affairs. I resolve from this moment forward to express peace and happiness to every person I meet. I know that my happiness and peace come from the Loving Spirit, I call God; as I radiate His light, love, and truth from myself to others, I am also blessing and healing myself in countless ways. I radiate the sunshine of God’s Love to all mankind. His Light shines through me and illuminates my path. I am resolved to express peace, joy, and happiness.

I give great thanks that this loving Spirit is me, as me, works through me to touch those around me.

 I speak and release my word unto the Law, that loving immutable Law, which always says β€œyes”. It is done as I believe. I believe peace, joy and love are mine, now.

And so It is!