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“The pure in heart shall see God.”

“Can we ever see God? Is there any news of Heaven other than that which comes through our own thought or, through the thought of another? Who thinks purity sees it, and is beholding God. The face of ‘The Ancient of Days’ onlooks eternity and the upward glance ever sees this reality in all things. The pure in heart not only shall see, but do see God.

The peacemakers are called the children of God. We never associate warriors with the divine kingdom. Struggle and strife are outside the kingdom, they cannot enter in because of their confusion. Only peace can enter the gates of reality and sit at the table of love. The Divine Host serves not his bounty to confusion, but distributes his gifts to those who enter his gates with peace in their minds, and love in their hearts. ‘Ye are the light of the world.’ Man is the candle of (page 39) the Lord. Is there anywhere else in this world where the light of the Lord shines so clearly as through the mind of man? The mind of man is the only self-knowing and consciously directive creation that we know.”

“It is necessary that the mind of man become the light of the world, for it is only through this avenue that truth can come to us. How important, then, that this light be kept trimmed and burning, with the oil of pure spirit through the wick of peace and joy. In this way do we glorify that Indwelling God who is the Heavenly Father and the Cosmic Mother of all.

“It Operates Simply By Speaking”

– Ernest Holmes – ‘Science of Mind ‘

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