Centers for Spiritual Living in the House!

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

Centers for Spiritual Living in the House!
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

Today I am praying for the unity and solidarity of all people who attend Centers for Spiritual Living. We love our independence and nurture our differences, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. However, for too many years we have lived apart, pretending that our differences will somehow make us one. For too many years we have lived as though our beloved family could exist separate and apart from each other. For too many years…

The day has arrived when all who recognize our own Ancient Wisdom, and practice the way of life known as Science of Mind, must come together. We must nurture our own divinity and do the same for other people. This prayer is written in support of the Oneness of all of the Centers for Spiritual Living and, in particular, for the Centers for Spiritual Living in New Mexico. The time has come for our message to be known. We can no longer afford to be a closeted congregation with a message for only a few. We are a spiritual people living a spiritual way of life that changes the world. Our message is important. We are Centers for Spiritual Living.

There is One Life, One. Everything is contained in the One Life and the One Life manifests everything from Itself. The One, the One I call God, thinks and a universe is manifest. It thinks and a baby is born. It thinks and all life comes into being in a divine and harmonious way. The One Life is manifest everywhere and manifest for Its own experience. God experiences Itself through all of Its Creation and, yet, is not absorbed by Its Creation. It is.

Because God is, I am. I am one with the One. It had a thought and I was born. Each day I am continually born again. I am here to experience the One Life, God, as a human and to remember peace, love, goodness, health, beauty, truth, and happiness. I am not limited by my human existence but set free by my spiritual truth. I am. As I know this for me, I know this for every single person who reads this prayer. Each person is born of the Great I Am and rebirthed every moment of every day.

Knowing this, I affirm and declare that every person who attends a Center for Spiritual Living is infinitely blessed. The clarity and recognition that comes from realizing the Science of Mind in everyday life is manifested in peace, love, clarity, and power. Every person who lives this way of life is a blessing and the blessing spreads to each person who knows him or her. The blessing then continues to spread as every person who lives this philosophy spreads happiness and joy to the world. Each of us knows the truth and is clear about who we are. I affirm and declare that this message goes out to the world and returns in spades. As people know the truth, they come together in our Centers. The message grows until it circles the world and all of us are One.

I am so grateful for this message; grateful for our oneness. I am grateful that as the message of Science of Mind grows and the world is transformed that every single person goes to bed fed, clothed and sheltered. I am grateful every person knows his or her worth and that a beautiful self-regard reflects peace. The world is transformed. I am happy to see this truth and to know that it is possible. I am grateful to stand with my sisters and brothers here in New Mexico and know solidarity. It’s a good day.

Knowing that I stand with all my brothers and sisters in Centers for Spiritual Living here and everywhere, I release my word and know this prayer is accomplished. And so it is! Amen.