Clean Slate: Going Deeper

Clean Slate: Going Deeper
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

As this New Year begins and I release the traumas of the past, I step in the awareness of Oneness.  In this moment, indeed in every moment, God is all there is.  That Supreme Essence of Goodness, that Joy, that Peace, that Harmony, that Love, all of it is the Divine expressing.  It is Light.  It is Healing.  It is the Solution to every problem.  I recognize the blessing of the awareness of Unity; even in our differences, we are One.  Even in the appearance of lack, there is a persistent pulse of Abundance.  God is Good, all the time and as this year begins, I hold that awareness to my heart, let go of my tiny ideas that things should be different than they are, and allow God’s Presence to lead me to the gift of Wholeness.

For in truth, it was only my judgment that things should be different that kept me from the Glory of God.  In truth, it was only my resistance to what is that blocked my awareness of Love’s presence. But I am not separate from the Divine, and neither, my friend, are you.  We are One.  Individualized in our own unique personalities and perspective, yet One nonetheless.  We are all God’s Beloved. 

And so, I know that the reason behind everything is Love because God has decreed it so.  I realize that while I may think that there is “something wrong,” the truth of everything is Oneness.  The truth of every situation is never the conditions, it is always Love, and so knowing that I recognize if I am failing to see that, it must be that I am failing to give it.  But I affirm in this moment, that God is Good and omnipresent and therefore no matter what the condition, I have faith that I am bathed in Love.  As this new decade begins, I allow myself to be pulled into the tenderness that is Spirit.  I allow myself to be led to the Perfection of every situation by believing in the Goodness of God.  I allow myself to be pulled deeper into faith, to know that there never was and there never will be any reason to doubt that God has my back, and yours, and theirs because it’s all ours.  Oneness.  Unity.  It can only be experienced in Love.  It can only be experienced in sharing.  That Love, God’s Love, that Unconditional, Ever-Present, Sublime Miracle-Making Essence of the Universe is the secret I have been hiding from myself.  Perhaps I didn’t feel worthy.  Perhaps I was too attached to my victim role.  Why does not matter. All that matters is that only that Love is real, and so I affirm and declare that I no longer see lack, for I have faith in that Love.  I TRUST that Love.  I allow it to be my safety, for, in truth, it always was; only my fear kept me from remembering. 

No more.  I claim a Clean Slate.  I don’t have to like the situations of my life, but it is easier to like them if I trust, so I affirm trust.  I affirm faith.  I affirm that this year is drenched in Love and I embrace that experience.  I allow God to lead me.  I allow myself to surrender to the moment and love it all fiercely, that I might enjoy the gifts God has for me.  I am being called to a better version of myself.  You are being called to a better version of yourself.  God leads us, my brothers and sisters.  God leads us to Love.  God leads us to Oneness where we help one another, where we see the Christ in one another.  God leads us to choose Love over fear. 

Thank God for this Truth.  Thank God that He loves us so profoundly, that He gave us one another to help each other to choose love.  I don’t have to agree with “others,” but I do need to love them no matter their perspectives.  I don’t need to judge; I just need to lean on God.  I just need to remember God’s Love for EVERYONE.  I am grateful, so grateful to be called deeper, to a faith so profound that it sweeps away all darkness forever.  The Light is here.  The Light is Now.  Knowing that, I am so grateful.  It is so much easier when I allow God to do the heavy lifting and just listen to the Pulse of Love that is ALWAYS present. 

I let go of 2019.  I let go of ideas of lack or anything being “wrong.”  I embrace this clean slate where notions of the past are washed in the salve of forgiveness.  I go deeper, into the place where God’s Love makes everything Holy and the Sacredness of Being is cherished.  Goodbye 2019. 

Hello God.  Thank you for welcoming me Home.  I’ve missed you and it is so good to walk beside you. 

And so it is.  Amen.