Co-Creating 2019

Lesha Kitts, RScP

Co-Creating 2019
by Lesha Kitts, RScP

2018 has come to a close, and Mother Earth has giving us a new beginning, by cleansing, clearing and quieting all that was, with a blanket of snow for the New Year. Start 2019 from this place. Our roots are strong and deep, but where we go from here is all above ground. It is a clean slate of shimmering white snow that is reflecting the Light of who you are, when you express from this place.

The following is writing by our founder, Ernest Holmes, which takes hold of his strong roots and puts a Religious Science twist on it to co-create his own self expression of God. May it serve as a reminder that we all have our own strong roots to draw from, and yet, the blossom we become is uniquely created between you and Spirit.

Our Father which in Heav’n art, Life of body, mind and heart, Thy name shall ever hallowed be…… on mountain, plain and on the sea.

Thy kingdom of love on earth shall come when all that live Thy will have done.

Thine to give us the will to be. Ours to know that we live in Thee. Thy nature complete, divine, is giv’n when on earth we find, the pattern of Heav’n.

Thou givest each day our daily bread; with manna from Heaven our table is spread.

Thou forgives the debts we owe to Thee, as others from debt we gladly free.

Into temptation Thou leadest us not; Evil from Heaven is never begot. From evil and all that belong not to Thee, in goodness and mercy Thou settest us free.

Thine is the Kingdom and Power shall be…… Through time and throughout eternity.

From Thee the glory of light divine entering into these ones of Thine…..

Forever and ever let angels above, proclaiming the name of omnipotent love, unite their voices with the ones of man and chant again, and chant again………… A great Amen.

2019 is here. If you want to be something different, then BE it! If you want to do something different, then DO it! You are Co-Creating With God, By God, Through God, As God…… So Create! Mother Earth has started your 2019 off with a clean canvas. It’s your move. Make it one that makes your Soul soar!

With Awareness in my mind, Conviction in my heart, Illumination in my soul, and Joy expressing through me, I release this Blessing into Universal Law, allowing it to shine to its fullest potential and accepting that as I have spoken, IT IS DONE! Let the colors fly!

And So It Is!