by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

God.  Ever present.  All powerful.  Existing as consciousness in each and every one of us.  Which makes us connected, and just as powerful as God.

And so it is with that power of God that I speak my word today, knowing that I claim my power.  I step into the truth of who and what I am, which is a part of that consciousness, and I speak for myself and the consciousness as a whole.  I am knowing peace.  I am knowing compassion.  I am knowing unconditional love and acceptance.  I feel this peace.  I feel this compassion.  And I feel and embody this unconditional love and acceptance.  And because of the power of my god words and the connected of the consciousness of god, my words spread faster than the wildfires currently raging, and they over take anything unlike peace, compassion and love.  Thus the qualities of peace, compassion and love are now present everywhere and in everything.

I release with great gratitude, knowing the Law has gleefully taken my words and made them so.