Connecting with Spirit

Connecting with Spirit
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

“Spirit understands adversity as opportunity.” Julia Cameron, from the book Transitions.

As I contemplate transition, both in my world and in the larger world, I grow ever more grateful for the ability and the willingness to go within and connect with Spirit, and to acknowledge this truth that all change and loss is simply opportunity in disguise.  This does not negate the need to properly process the loss and acknowledge the change, in fact, it reinforces it.  Because it is only through process can we step into the open door of opportunity.  And so I pray:

I remind, remember and acknowledge that Force of the Universe that is ever present in my life.  That Power, that Thing, that Love, that Spirit.  

And I remind, remember and acknowledge to myself that as this Spirit is a part of me and I am a part of It, we are One.  I am the unique and individualized manifestation of Spirit, going forth to do what Spirit cannot do:  act in physical form.  And I act in sweet and glorious partnership with Spirit, in an inseparable unity of Love, Power, Joy and Peace.

And so I speak my word now for this love that enfolds me, wrapping me up in the arms of support.  I speak my word now for power, knowing what is mine to do and moving forth in the world to do it.  I speak my word for joy, feeling that childlike wonder and enthusiasm as I move through the world.  And I speak my word for peace, feeling a calmness that comes from unity with the One.  I know that this love, power, joy and peace automatically replaces fear, victimhood mentality, negativity and anxiety.  There can be no such things in a life which embraces and embodies those qualities of Spirit known as Love, Power, Joy and Peace.