Counting My Blessings

Counting My Blessings
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Each night, as I look back over the day, I am filled with gratitude. I search my mind, trying to uncover the best moment embedded in it, and I’m flooded with an awareness of the perfection of Spirit. I see so many instances that had I been the one calling the shots, I’d have likely orchestrated differently, but thankfully I am not in control, so it unfolds as it will and I get to notice how beautiful a tapestry it creates. I get to count my blessings and realize how blessed I truly am.

So today, I know there is but One Mind, One Infinite Creative Power that exists in Perfect Lovingness. It is this force I call God and I know that this Being, this Spirit is the One and the Only Ultimate Reality, whose Truth is Love, whose Essence is Health, and whose Actuality is Perfection. I live in this Beautiful Universal Life-Force and it supports me always.

In this One, this Ultimate Deliciousness, there is only Perfection, dripping opportunity at my feet, begging me to devour the gifts that are being bestowed upon me. I recognize this magnificent Love, the Beneficent Benefactor who brings to me these cherished love offerings. And I know that this kindness is the truth of me, even in moments when things do not seem to be unfolding the way my mind says they “should.” This kindness is the truth of my husband, my children, my friends; of everyone I know, as well as those I don’t. Support surrounds us always and prayers echo in the heavens as we pray for one another. I feel the connection, I feel the love. I know that goodness will not be denied.

For goodness cannot be denied in the face of such deep love and support. I know that the One Mind hears the words spoken and these words matter. These words change lives. I know that blessings blossoms as Source is inundated with loving intentions and these intentions become reality. It extends beyond my little world, for it is larger than that. It extends to the entire world where I recognize and know that violence disappears when cocooned by love; wild outbreaks of peace become the norm. The fearful are soothed. The faithless find hope. Yes, miracles appear, for they are the currency of Spirit that knows no order of difficulty.

So, on this day, I count my blessings. I give thanks for the truth that we are all connected and that such a connection is powerful stuff. It allows me to court hope. It allows me to know irrefutably that prayers will not be denied, their power cannot be held back, for those who speak with conviction, those that allow themselves the happiness of knowing how joyfully they are loved, shall experience the gifts of the Father. This One Source that loves us all so deeply, It treasures us. It lavishes us in “yes!” So I count my blessings, knowing they are many. I know only gratitude for the unending support of Spirit. I give thanks for the blessings, even those that appear in forms I could never have anticipated. I give thanks, recognizing that even the obstacles are blessings. I give thanks for the lusciousness of it all.

Then I let it go. I already know that if I’d been calling the shots, I’d have likely mucked it up, so I surrender. God has got it covered and I don’t need to do anything more than allow. So I do. My blessings are counted. It is all already done.

And So It is! Amen!