Cultivating Consciousness

Cultivating Consciousness
by Alicia Kay Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

Infinite Divine Spirit, Father/Mother God, that which goes by many names, at this moment I place my attention and my awareness on your Presence, attuning to the wholeness and the energy of Love which is at both the center and circumference of my being.  I recognize that the divine pattern of perfection is right where I am, inherent in my intrinsic make-up, and I align to that point in consciousness that contains all the peace, joy, abundance and love of the Universe. 

Feeling this powerful presence as my very birthright, I enter into a complete and total state of unification with it, accepting it with grace as my very Life.  And as I know this state as my own, so too I declare it to be so for each and every person present here today, for indeed, we are as one in consciousness.  I declare that we accept this realization of the truth of our being and that this light and love does flow through our lives and our experiences effortlessly and completely.  Every waking, breathing moment is perfect at its core, and we permit this perfection to be made manifest in all that we think, say and act upon.  This cosmic pattern of perfection manifests in each of us in our own unique and individual manner, as we go forward with a newly born zest and enthusiasm for life, reveling in the fullness of our being. 

Thank you, dear Spirit, thank you dear Life, thank you, dear God, for this precious realization and comprehension of our connection with our Source – grateful as our humanity embraces our divinity – knowing that it is always present, always accessible, ever available.  And so with the knowledge that this word does indeed have power, I release it into the Law, accepting that it has been done, right here, right now and always. And so it is. Amen.