Greg Gardner, RScP

Deep Wisdom

Deep Wisdom
by Greg Gardner, RScP

In these difficult days, I remember the deep wisdom of the words, “God is all there is!”

The Truth of this, the first month of 2023 is that it is a great time to be alive.  It is a year of new beginnings.  It is a year of limitless opportunity.

I know this because Spirit fills with me with loving kindness in every moment. Indeed, Creator is with us all every minute of every day. Right here and right now I feel the peace, compassion and love flowing into me as well as into the very consciousness of the world.

I know that Spirit is always in every word, thought & deed of each of us and accompanies us on our journey toward our highest & best good. 

I release regrets around events of the past.
I step past worry & stress. 
I embrace the joy and grace that is this moment. 

As I welcome the joy and grace of the moment, I declare and affirm the presence of this joy and grace in the coming year.

This joy and grace sustain me!
It’s a great day to be alive

And I declare it so right here right now!