Despite Appearances

Despite Appearances
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

God is all there is, the be all, the end all. It is everywhere. It is around me and in me. God is surrounding Love and deep Peace.  I am one with it. It expresses through, in and as me. Because this is true, I know that if I go deep inside myself, to a place of quiet, to the place where air becomes breath, I will find deep Peace, the Peace that passes all understanding. I become one with it. I become peace. It fills my body, my heart, my soul, and emanates to my surroundings. I become a gift of peace to the world.

As peace, I know that I can see peace despite appearances to the contrary. I am divinely guided in all ways. I know what to do at all times, in every situation. I am not afraid for I know that Spirit has always guided me and always will. Divine Intelligence guides me to love, joy, abundance, health, and well-being.

I am a beacon for peace in the world. I do my part to make this world work for everyone. Spirit guides me to know what that is. I am one with every other person in the world. We are one in Spirit. I look for and see the good. I know that with Spirit, good can come from any situation. It is here now as divine possibility.

I give thanks for the effect of Spirit in life, and for the Law of Love, that brings to my life what I allow, for peace. I am grateful for all who work selflessly to bring care to all who need it. I am grateful for the good that is expressed at this time.

I release this prayer to the Universe, knowing that it returns fulfilled. Amen.