Divine Intelligence

Alejandro Sifuentes Outreach Practitioner

Divine Intelligence
by Alejandro Sifuentes, RScP
Outreach Practitioner
San Antonio, Texas

In this moment of truth, I recognize the presence and Spirit of the One God that is Life that is Love.  Divine Intelligence is the question and the answer. The polarity contracts and expands as it fulfills its Expression of creative Activity that is Love and Law.   I am aligned in the Oneness of Divine Intelligence and I speak my word for all that read this prayer.

Today in this moment peace is experienced by all. I know that Trust is the awareness that inspires a movement of knowing in the minds of all. Everything is coming to together for the Good. God is revealing a calmness of understanding within and as the landscape of activity around me springs forward with new growth. I see the beauty in me expressing itself in perfect right action. The Spanda of Life that is my source inspires a peaceful feeling as I move through my daily activities as the excellence of beauty transpires the uniqueness of my expression. I feel the Presence of God in me and around me. I know that this is the Truth. Peace is my experience as Life unfolds moment to moment. My Oneness is a daily occurrence as I see the Presence of God in each and every person I encounter.  I see beyond the appearance into the Heart of the matter. Love is the activity that inspires all.  I am Happy to be a part of this Divine Awareness that is peace, love and trust.

I am Grateful as I release these words into the Law where they are returned into every moment   experienced by all right Now.  And so it Is. Amen