Divine Joy

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

Divine Joy
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

The One Loving Source says hi everyday, as the sun comes up and goes down over the Sandias, as the birds chirp in my yucca, as the hummingbirds come to visit, as the neighbor children play in the rain puddles…This is Divine Joy expressing in the now.

And I am an expression of Divine Joy as well.  I am aligned with the Divine that is the presence and power within.  I am joy in action.

Recognizing this unity with the Divine, I welcome even more joy to wash over me in the here and now.  I am mindful of the bounty of this present moment. It makes my heart smile.  I play cards with my family and feel joy.  I feed my cats and feel joy.  I fold the laundry and feel joy. I play music with my husband and feel joy.  I show up for Sunday service at Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living and feel joy.  Every moment of my day is filled with delight in all the simple details, relationships, and experiences.  This all is Divine Joy manifesting in my life now.

So I give thanks for this recognition that Joy is here and now in the big and the small, the ordinary and the special times.  I appreciate these simple moments that feed my soul.  The whole world is a marvel, and people are beautiful.

Knowing this prayer is already manifesting, I let these words go to the Law.  I release it.  I welcome it.  I know it is done.  And so it is.