Divine Love

Divine Love
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

Divine Love surrounds us. It is constant, universal, and everlasting. It is comfort and warmth, the answer to prayers, the light of Life.  It is what brings us together. It is what assures us that we are divinely guided. 

We exist in the arms of Spirit, we are never alone. Love is eternal life. It takes our grief and transforms it into compassion and forgiveness. We are compassionate with ourselves and others. We feel forgiveness for ourselves and others. 

Love is the spark that assures us that in our grief, in our loss, in our uncertainty, we are not alone. It assures us that we are immortal, that our beloveds who have passed from this earthly realm still live. It reminds us we are always surrounded by life-giving Love. 

I am grateful for this Love, for all I have, for my gifts, and for the experience of having loved on this plane. I am grateful for all who express and multiply love. 

I release my word to the Universe, knowing that it comes back to me, to all who affirm and believe it, fulfilled.

And so it is.