The Divine Journey

The Divine Journey
by Liza Kerr, RScP

Liza Kerr, RScP

What we teach is the Science of Mind, which is the study of Life and the nature of the laws of thought; the idea that we live in a spiritual universe; that God or Spirit is in, through, around us; and that this Presence is a loving source of all Good.   ~ Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living – What We Teach

We recognize the essence of this Divine Spirit in everything.  Everywhere you look – there is God.  As you begin to do this a connection is made.  You begin to realize that if the thing you call God is everywhere around you and permeates all that you see, by logical deduction, it is also within you.  Once you recognize this it is impossible to go back.  It is the beginning of the opening of your consciousness to the reality that God is all there is.  God simply is.  Love yourself above all, for your body is a sacred temple that houses a manifestation of God as You.  Each of us is an individualized personification of the thing we call God.  Each of us is pure energy.  Each of us interconnected to everything around us on a molecular level.  There is no separation; none of us better than another, for we are all a manifestation of the perfection that is God.  We are just on different journeys.

I speak my Word that as we recognize this deep connection to God and realize there is no separation by default we realize that all of the qualities that are God are also US.  We are love, compassion, abundance, prosperity, integrity, honesty, peace, grace, dignity; each of these qualities of God resonates in us at the molecular level.  There is no distinction between the outermost God and the innermost God – they are one and the same.  Heaven is right here and now.  It is found within each of us, and to the extent we realize it – it is true.  Again, once your eyes open to this level of consciousness there is no going back.  Everything you need for your journey is found within.  You determine the journey, you determine the ride.
Ultimately, the only things you have any control of are your thoughts, your words, and your actions.  This creates your version of reality.  Enjoy yourself, be happy, be prosperous, and be at peace.  I give thanks knowing that each of us finds our own path, in our own time, and that this path guides us where we need to go.  We recognize and allow each person to have their own journey.  We release the need or desire to control anyone else, and release any judgment around someone else’s journey.  This frees us to focus on ourselves.  We are each divinely guided by that gentle voice within that we hear during prayer and meditation.

I release my Word to the Law of Mind knowing that it cannot come back to me void.   AND SO IT IS.