Do I Believe?

Do I Believe?

Do I Believe?
by Greg Gardner, RScP

Do I Believe?

God is all there is?

“Why then,” I ask, “do war and peace live side by side?”

Why is there is there joy and grief? Abundance and hunger? Kindness and cruelty?

How can all this be a kind and loving Spirit creating?

And then I look at the incredible universe and see Spirit’s work there.

  • Black holes swallowing stars whole
  • Volcanoes destroying mountains and valleys
  • Rivers gently carrying mountains through fertile valleys to the sea.
  • Men digging in mines and building skyscrapers

Yes.  It is all God.

  • Well what about when I hit my thumb with a hammer?
  • How about when my beloved has cancer?
  • Or HIV?
  • Or a friend commits suicide?

Yes my friend, let me remind you once again, it is all God.

From top to bottom.  From side to side.  From dawn to dusk.

And beyond even all that, it is all  our kind and loving Creator!

Sleep well.