by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

I used to think dreaming was for the aborigines, they go into the ‘dreaming time.’

And ‘doing’ was for me.

Doing – To live…
Make money and support my family and myself.

To accomplish…
To meet that demand of birth family to be ‘successful.’

Now, I believe in my heart in the dream time.

It is the time and place of all possibilities…
The place to let go and dream the deeply desired and the yet-to-be-discovered dream within that opens with allowing and daring to dream and risk…

To reach beyond our current dreams and risk letting go of this known… and see the more…

To expand wildly and discover
What is my own precious cherished totally desired with all-my-heart dream for myself?

What is your precious cherished totally desired with all-your-heart dream for yourself?

Let go. Dream and Discover.

Where to begin?

Explore in kind and beyond – the new and unconsidered

And as you do, clear out anything and
Everything that does not bring you joy and happiness – – even the slightest bit.

Keeping only that which raises the highest vibration in you.

There is the jewel.

There is the height to which aspire.

Begin there.

And keep going ever, ever higher.

No dream is too big for The Biggest Spirit of all
Of which you are in kind…Yes. Infinite…

Let’s live our dreams! Wildly Totally Expanding Ever Higher