Drenched in Love

Drenched in Love
by Nancy Bowers RScP

Sometimes, I slip back into old habits.  When I take a moment to step back and listen to myself, I notice that I am complaining.  I am anticipating problems.  I am expecting them.  When I notice this, I stop and remember how Good God is. I remember that energy follows thought and that since I am co-creator in this life of mine, it would behoove me to anticipate an experience of Love.  I am, after all, drenched in it.  It is rude of me to forget this and behave as if I am not.  This is a prayer for pulling me back to center, where I remember this truth, and I appreciate how Good God is.


There is only One Life and that Life is God’s Life, and that Life is Love. It is Love so pure, so unconditional, that Spirit infused itself into everything.  That Love is so unfettered, Its only desire is to experience the deepening of that Love.  It is a Love that supports.  A Love that gives.  A Love that transforms all seeming problems into miracles to be delighted in.  Spirit is the Life-Force of everything.  It drenches Life in Love and waits for us to choose it.

In this moment, I pause to choose it.  I consciously align myself with Its Energy.  I allow Light to pour through me, out of me, to pulsate from the core of my being.  I am a beacon of light and love, for I am drenched in It.  It is who I am.  I invite anyone reading my words to pause for a moment and breathe into that Light and Love. Bask in Its Goodness.  You are one with it.  You are cherished.  You are deserving.  You need do nothing but choose and accept.  Choose this and allow God’s Love to heal you in whatever way you need healing. We are God’s beloveds, and we are drenched in Perfect, Unconditional Love. We are healed by allowing ourselves to reflect that Love.

Recognizing this, I allow the power of that realization to shift my world.  I claim Its Goodness. I luxuriate in the sensuousness of the miraculous.  I choose Love.  I choose to teach only Love and to be only Love.  When I slip into the habit of complaining or fault-finding, I breathe in God and let His Light guide my expectations. I expect Love.  I expect Ease.  I expect that all is well because I know all is God and so every situation, every interaction, every person I encounter rushes in to support that vision. If the appearance was lack of any kind, I deny that because I know it was only my fear that blocked my experience of abundance and perfect health and peace.  God was never withholding.  It was I who constrained the experience of love by failing to have faith in Its Power.  But that stops today.  No more shall I impoverish myself by criticizing.  No more will I dishonor myself by behaving unlovingly.  I choose God.  I choose Love.  I choose Peace.  I choose Joy.  I remember who I am.  I remember why God sent me.  I choose Conscious Goodness.  I am awake in Love.  Won’t you join me?  Won’t you allow yourself to rollick in the experience of being drenched in Love?

God is Good.

I give thanks for the opportunity to be Love.  I give thanks that I am so supported that at last (at last!) I remember that God sent me to be Love, to be a beacon of Light. I give thanks that I am drenched in so, so much love that it pours out of me effortlessly.  Then I let go because I don’t need to control any of it.  God’s got it covered.  We are drenched in Love and it is the birthplace of miracles. 

And so, it is.  Amen.