Drinking in the Goodness of God

Drinking in the Goodness of God
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

Snow falls gently and God is there is the quiet, in the hush, in the peace blanketing the earth. Our desert soaks up the moisture like a parched beggar asking to be slaked. We drink it is with gratitude. This is how we step into it. This is where I find God.

So, in this moment, right here, right now, I lift myself into the awareness of the Power and Presence of the One Divine Source. It is the Snow. It is the Peace. It is the Quenched Thirst and the Satiation that comes from drinking in the blanketed goodness. It is Supreme Goodness. It is Peace Everlasting. It is the Joyousness that is birthed by entering the moment and recognizing the Presence that was and is always there. I feel the warmth of it, even in the cold snow. I sense the serenity of it that cannot be eradicated. I know the Givingness of it as it takes me to a place where I enter Heaven and know Love as the only Truth there really is.

And I know that is my inheritance. I know that is what God has blessed me with. I know that the gifts of the Father are mine, and they are yours. For God so loved the world that He included everyone – each man, woman and child; each animal, each tree, each plant, everything and everyone – all are His creations; all are His precious, precious beloveds. I am created in that likeness and image. I am my own unique expression of love, of peace, of joy, of goodness. And so are you. So are you.

So in this knowingness, I claim for myself that constant awareness of who and what you are and who and what I am. I claim for myself the willingness to reach into each and every moment and find God in every face I see. I seek love and I find it always. I look past the miscreations of fear that try to tempt me into forgetfulness. I know the truth of who I am. I know the truth of who you are. We are both God’s darlings. We are here playing, showing God what delight looks like as us.

And thus I lean into the gratitude born in that remembrance. I courageously allow myself to embrace my vulnerability. I let go of what anyone else might think of me as I expose my heart and embrace my joy. This is the moment God has made. Right here, right now. It’s the only moment there is. The birthplace of Peace. The birthplace of Love. Here Joy is born and I enter it fully as I recognize God everywhere I look.

So there is nothing to hold onto. In this eternal now, there is only everything and everything is as it should be. My prayers are answered. The moment they are spoken, they have been birthed into existence. How delicious it is to be able to settle into this knowingness. I snuggle into it as I watch the snow fall. I practice the presence. How good it is to recognize God! And So It Is! Amen.