Dropping the Veil

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

Dropping the Veil
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

“Today, look at every person as an individual manifestation of the one whole Life.” Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Knowing there is only One Love, One Mind, One Spirit, I am…you are…life is…an expression of the Divine in the here and now.  There is no separation or God out there or God here but not there.  There is only this Divine Expression manifesting in endless variation. So I recognize that Divine in me, as me, through me. I am the middle ground where the Divine shows up in this lifetime.

So, I reset my sight on the Divine in me and the Divine in us.  I open myself to recognizing the Divine in all the expressions of this life, all people, all places, all times, all events…no exceptions.  I drop the veil of resistance and allow Spirit to sparkle everywhere I look. I smile with delight as I know this Divine Essence is the Truth right here and now and for all times. My thoughts, my words, and my actions are now rooted in the Divine and express with grace and love, perfect for the moment of interacting with other Divine beings. 

I am so grateful for taking this time-out to realign my vision, to see as God sees and let that inform my very being.  There is great bounty and bliss that flows from this recognition, and for this I give thanks! I also let this prayer go, into the Law, knowing that even as it is written, it is happening,  The veil is dropped and Spirit sparkles.  I allow all this to be.  And so it is.