Each Person is the Divine Expressing

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Each Person is the Divine Expressing
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

“When we live in the context of sufficiency, we find a natural freedom and integrity. We engage in life from a sense of our own wholeness rather than a desperate longing to be complete.”  –Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money

God is everything. It is the Source, the One Life. It is freedom. It is Integrity. It is Wholeness. It is the Alpha and the Omega, Infinity, Eternity. It is the Sufficient and Economical; Lavish and Abundant. It knows no lack, for that which is the Whole Universe could never be lacking.

And I know that this Truth of Wholeness is my truth. I am made in the likeness and image of the Divine and as such, I am complete. Freedom is mine. Integrity is mine. Lavish abundance is mine. It is mine because in recognizing the sufficiency that is everywhere present, I recognize satisfaction, I recognize
when I am sated.

In this recognition I bring reverence to the table. I note how the connection of the Divine flows through everyone. Each person is my brother or sister. Each person is the Divine expressing. I notice when I have stepped into the context of sufficiency – my desire to gorge or take more than my fair share falls away never to return. I share resources knowing that we are all in this together. I delight in enough. I have no need to waste for I have reverence for all of life and for all the abundance that comes my way. It overflows with plenty for everyone. It graces me with generosity. It blesses me constantly. It blesses me and It blesses you.

For you are enough. You are good enough, worthy enough, thin enough, perfect enough, pretty enough, rich enough, enough, enough, enough. You are it. Sufficiency is what you are, sufficiency is what you know, for stepping into the wholeness that is your birthright, you are awash in the goodness of it. Enough. More than enough. It blesses you. It blesses you.

And in this blessing, gratitude is birthed. The realization of such perfect wholeness creates unending gratitude. The chase for more is over. What is needed is already here. And I give thanks for that – I give thanks for the goodness of it. How good it is to experience such generosity! How sweet the feeling of wholeness!

Then I let go of this prayer. Wholeness was always present and it was already complete. The words were uttered and God enfolded the prayer into His heart. It is done and it is good. It is enough. And So It Is! Amen.