Each Sacred Moment

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

Each Sacred Moment
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

There is but One Loving Source that is the Divine Essence of all things, all beings, all place, and all times.  God is the Unlimited Potentiality expressing in the now as Love, Joy, Abundance, and Health.  All of these qualities are whole, complete, and perfect for the Divine can be nothing less than All.

And so I too am an expression of the One Loving Source. It is my divine essence.  I am aligned with that unlimited potentiality as I express more and more love, experience more and more joy, revel in more and more abundance, and know the perfection of my health.  Every piece and part of me and my affairs are God expressing now.

Knowing this sacred union of my self to Self and my mind to THE Mind, I affirm a deepened expression of love on a daily basis, moment to moment!  I release any anger, resentment, judgment, or worry that blocks me from seeing love or being love.  I recognize that every interaction is an opportunity to practice love. Each moment is sacred, not just another item on my to-do list.  People are NOT items on my to-do list.  So I slow down, reconnect with the Love that is the Truth of my being, and I truly see the person before me.  I honor the sanctity of now and listen with my heart.  I release the story that loops in my monkey mind and replace it with a mantra of being love and more love in each moment.  I let go of any feelings of being overwhelmed and pull out my one-inch picture frame to focus on what really matters: LOVE.  All the other conditions and effects and details fall into place when I prioritize love in the moment and trust Spirit to take care of the rest.  I love myself; I love the person before me; I love the life I have and who I am becoming.  My heart is rekindled with the fire of the Divine.

I am so grateful for this time-out to pray and reconnect with my Truth.  I am born of Love. It is my natural operating system and sets me free of all burdens.  I give thanks for this support from the One Loving Source and the ability to choose love anew each and every day.  What a gift.

With complete and utter gratitude, I release this prayer into the Law, knowing there is only Love Divinely expressing in my life now.  And so it is.