Embracing God’s Clarity

Nancy Bowers RScP

Embracing God’s Clarity
Nancy Bowers, RScP

There is no ambiguity in God: Certain, Sure, Crystal-clear, for Truth is Positive, Unerring, and Absolute. Spirit is Pure. What is Real is Love. What is Real is Joy. God is Harmonious and Peaceful; Spirit is Light, Perfect, and Guaranteed Goodness.

There is no separation. I am like God and when I align with that energy, I feel the clarity. When I remember who I am, the qualities of Divine Love fill me and sweep me toward the safety of Spirit. In that vibration, my human troubles fall away and I return to the Certitude of God. In that God-Space, I can embrace my own goodness. There is no separation. I am like God, and so my friend, are you. We are one with the clarity; One in truth.

And so in this moment, I affirm perfect ease. Knowing what to do, how to proceed is effortless, for the Holy Spirit whispers guidance always. In this moment, in every moment, I affirm the ability to settle into knowingness. God is perfectly clear and therefore I am perfectly clear. The energy of love is ever-present. The goodness of fearlessness steers my actions. I know how good it feels to choose God. I know how comforting it is to embrace love. I claim for myself the ability to know this certainty as my life. I claim that for you. Clarity is yours my friend. Fold it into your heart.

For it feels so, so good. It feels so, so sweet. Gratitude pours forth and so in the place where I know, absolutely know the certainty of God, I relax into the calm of it. In this place where I am connected, thankfulness is the balm of the day. Yes, I am grateful for God’s Certainty. I am grateful that I have no further need of fear. Isn’t it delightful, this faith born knowing God?

So, I let this prayer go. When certainty is present, there is nothing more to do. So I release this prayer by saying, And So It Is. Amen.