Essence of Life, One-Whole, Perfect and Complete

Chris Duvall, RScP

Essence of Life, One-Whole, Perfect and Complete
by Chris Duvall, RScP

I look to the Essence of Life, which is One-Whole, perfect and complete. I look to the Source of All, the Great I AM, which is All Power, All Presence and All Intelligence.

As I recognize It, It recognizes Itself in me. It sees me as I am, whole, perfect, and free. It recognizes Itself in ALL of Its Creation, and looks upon Its wonderful web of connection with benevolent intent.

Gazing steadfastly at this Truth, I see that there is no evil on my pathway. There is no matter with its laws, no limitation, no absence, and no deprivation. There is nothing to hate, and nothing to fear, for all is God at the core. I see Divine Truth in my brothers and sisters, and as I do so, they recognize It in me.

I now consciously unify myself with this Great Reality in and through all. I am substance of Its Substance, strength of Its Strength, understanding of Its Understanding, love of Its Love. As this is true of me it is true of all. I now align myself to It, like the minute hand aligns to the12:00 hour. I am a straight path for Its Light to shed broadly through the world. I will to do that which ought to be done by me. I am completely forgiven and judged only by the judgment with which I judge. I take back any power I have given to opposition or to lower powers and return it to the Only Power that is Worthy, Capable and Willing to work Its Love largely in the world.

In aligning myself to the Divine, I cast off remnants of unlikeness, and I rise into an understanding of my reciprocal relationship with Living Power. From this place of unity, I speak my word authoritatively, believing that the Living Word serves it with accomplishing power. I command that the Will of God in its Love and Desire to Share become the will of all, and that Love is reflected broadly on earth, as It is in heaven. I draw out the divinity that resides within each person; i draw out the realization of unity existing between persons; I draw forth the wholeness that must be present in spite of appearances among groups whose members have differing perspectives. I command that each person receives their super-substantial resources precisely to the point of need – with healing effects expressed as clean water, sufficiency, encouragement, mutual regard, safety and dignity in relationship, fulfilling and sustaining work, physical healing, a loving community of support, or whatever is required in this moment. I speak my word for all leaders and managers everywhere — that they feel their sacred bond with the whole and are inspired to work together to channel resources for the high good of the whole communities they serve. Divine Power enlightens and guides them. What ought to be done is done — to the glory of God and the joy of humanity and all creation.

I give thanks that I am confident that there is nothing that is too difficult for This Power of Love, and that It reigns. I am grateful that It has heard my word. I place this Word in Law, believing that it is already done in Spirit and must manifest as it has been spoken. And so it is.