Even amid Illness, God is Forever Guiding Me

Nancy Bowers RScP

Even amid Illness, God is Forever Guiding Me
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

I’m rarely sick, but when I am it is almost always a respiratory infection.  Being a Practitioner and A Course in Miracles teacher/student, I am well aware that there is always a root cause to the illness.  It is the mind using the body to solve a problem.  So as I find myself coughing up junk this morning, I Google, “What does Louise Hay say about respiratory illness in her book, You Can Heal Your Life?”  It means there is too much going on in your life.  This cough I’ve developed means I need to speak up or “bark back.”  All of this is way too true.  Luckily, it is my turn to do the daily prayer.

God is Limitless: Perfect Health, Unfettered Joy, Love and Infinite Abundance.  Spirit is everywhere, in all situations, doing exactly what needs to be done. It is Certain.  It is Kind.  It is Generous beyond measure.  And I recognize that I am one with that Divine Intelligence.  It guides my life.  It blesses me constantly.  So I know that even in the appearance of illness, God is there loving me.  Even in the appearance of difficulties God has my back.  He has your back, too.  He’s an equal opportunity Father.  He loves all of his children; even the ones we think are undeserving, for He sees their innocence.  He sees beyond the appearances to the call for love beneath and He always answers that call.

So in the recognition of our Father’s Big-hearted Nature, in the knowingness of that Goodness, I affirm Health, Wealth and the Opportunity to enjoy His many blessings, for me and for anyone reading this.  I affirm appreciation for everything that happens.  I know that it is all for good and that my part is to notice how blessed I am.  My part is to ask for guidance, for I can never feel guilty or bad when I am divinely guided.  My part is to surrender to God, to “Step back and let Him lead the way.”  And so I do.  I step back.  I have faith that I am always loved and cared for and that you, whoever you are who is reading this, are too.  God loves all His children unabashedly.  Everything is always in divine right order.

So I give thanks.  I give thanks for knowing that even respiratory “crud” is just an invitation to stop and take care of myself.  I give thanks for the courage to say no to things I need to say no to.  I give thanks that I can step back and allow God to lead, for I know I am forever divinely guided and for that, I am so, so grateful.

Then I rest.  I rest in the knowingness that God was always present and so I can let it go and allow Him to handle the details.  And So It Is.  Amen.