Evolution Of Love

Evolution Of Love
Ernest Holmes, Our Founder

Ernest Holmes

“The first love is that of the parent for its offspring; the outpouring of the mother and the giving of the father. In this atmosphere the child is born into time and experience. Pressed from the creator into creation, in order that it may gain such knowledge as is necessary to develop a real individuality, the child comes from heaven or the central harmony.

The next love is that of the child for its parents. This is a reflection of their love to the child and when this reflection is free from care, burden and personal ownership, it is ever complete and satisfying.

The next love is that of the growing child for its playmates, a half affection, but of the essence of real love, for it is on equal terms. The community spirit is developing and this spirit is that of unity.

The next love is that of the grown child for its mate, the one chosen to be its companion in this life. This love is strong, true, virile and assertive. It is the love of conquest, of personal adoration, of the melting of two souls into one life and the re-forming of this life on a basis of dual unity. From the fire of this passion and the union of these souls a new order of creation is to take place, and the old order of evolution is to be carried on.”

“A few steps beyond this love, the mind attuned to the real meaning of life, must reach out and love all humanity. This is the return journey of love, back to the central flame again; as the greater always includes the lesser, so the broader love includes the individual form which it has (page 136) taken, for those who love humanity most, love their own immediate families and friends the best.”

~Ernest Holmes, ‘The Hidden Power Of The Bible’