Feasting on the Creator’s Love

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

Feasting on the Creator’s Love
by Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

There is One Love, and this Love is Perfect. This Love is what I call God, Divine Presence, Infinite Consciousness, True Happiness, Loving Spirit, Perfect Good. It is All There Is. It Is Everything and It is Everywhere. Divine Love is intimately involved in an infinite number of interactions/situations this very moment and understands its own Divine Plan. Truly, It is Everything.

This Divine Presence, Love, is right where I am. It is involved in every interaction in and around my life. Love’s guiding hand is leading me even when I don’t know it and allowing even when I think It is restricting. Divine love is who and what I am and I surrender to it, align with it, and allow it to take over every thought, word, and action.  How good it is to let love wash over me with the knowing that I am made of it. I am perfect love.

I affirm and declare this Perfect Love guides my every thought and action. It goes out before me making clear and smooth my way. I relax in the knowing that I have nothing to solve. I only have to experience the incredible love that has been placed before me like a banquet of color, experience, and sound. I am feasting on the Creator’s art that has been co-created by me. I relax in this knowing and know peace and rest in grace.

I give thanks for this and feel deep, deep gratitude. I am happy to know my own gratitude and happy to experience it deep in my heart. This prayer is done. Y asi es!