Find the Beauty

Tilia Giron, RScP

Find the Beauty
by Tilia Giron, RScP

Through the grace of That Divine Incredible Immense and Boundless Spirit of Love, I have come to learn that I am so much more than the stories and filters I encountered and manufactured in my youth and earlier days.
My question is: How do I now experience life through the true being that I am?

The answer given – by looking for The Beauty.
Find The Beauty in life.
Find the beauty in me, within and how I express that.
And in how I see the world, in how I live, and what I think,
And what I do and how I do what I do and how I look (although that can be a little dicey – may look a little older these days).
But I can feel beautiful. I can do from a space of beautiful. And I can be beautiful inside.

And I can see the beauty outside of myself.
I can see the beauty in others.
And I can see the beauty in things: in trees and tables, rocks and stones, and walls and mountains that rise before me. And in the bumps and stones along the way.
And in all the rainbow rays of the sun that radiate out in all directions to nurture, shine and warm us.
I can see the beauty in so many different manners of expression. I can if I choose.

And so, on this day as one year closes and other begins, I intend to find the beauty, the beauty in life, in myself, in others and in all situations. And I further intend to create and nurture a habit of seeing beauty.

Philosophers postulate that we find whatsoever we hold in mind and consciousness.
I know that whatever it is I seek, l find; therefore, I commit, already assured of my success, to enter a new time, a new year, the Year of 2019, filled with seeing and being Beauty, Warmth and Love. And making it the best year ever. And so, it is!