For Charlotte Who Left on Wednesday

Charlotte Christy

For Charlotte Who Left on Wednesday
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

There is One Life; this Life is God’s Life. This Life is All That There Is. It is the light streaming from the heavens, the energy of every creature everywhere. This Life, what I call God, is everywhere equally present and creative. It creates from Itself, knows only Itself, and lives and moves through the precise laws of Nature. It is known by so many names and in so many forms. Whatever It is known as, God, Jesus, Pachamama, Buddha, Father-Mother, Creator, It moves as Peace, Joy, Happiness, Love, Abundance, Beauty, and Good. It is Life Itself.

I am made of Life Itself. I am one with the light streaming from the heavens and the energy of my being is what God used to make me. I am peace, joy, happiness, love, abundance, beauty, and good. As I know this for me, I certainly know this for Charlotte Christy. She is born of good and is now pure light streaming from the heavens. As she has dropped this mortal coil, she is the pure energy of light. She is the experience of light bathing a tree and, at the same, she is the tree being bathed. There is no thing that stands between her and God now.

In this moment, I affirm for Charlotte pure grace. As she moves into her new life, she intuitively knows what to do and intuitively sees all her next steps. She is met at the door by all who have known her and there’s a big party. All are celebrating her return after a good life here on this plane. All here are celebrating her beautiful life and all who she touched while on this plane. Charlotte’s generous love returns to her in infinite waves and lifts her straight into her new life. She is in heaven and, like the tree, bathes in the beauty of her love and life. She is free and happy. For Charlotte’s family, and all her friends, I affirm a love so fierce that all are circled in it. Charlotte’s children and family are surrounded in love and the precious care that they took of Charlotte is now returned to them a hundred times over.

I am so grateful for Charlotte; so grateful for the life she led, for her beautiful, giving heart. I am grateful for Charlotte’s presence in our community, for her prayers, for her warm smile as she greeted people every Sunday, and for her absolute faith in her own immortality. She inspired so many in her last days. I am grateful.

Now, I release my friend, Charlotte, back to God, back to the place of pure joy and peace. She is finished here and the angels are singing of the good life she lived. Godspeed, Charlotte, until we meet again. And so it is. Amen.