For Health

For Health
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

There is a power for Good in the Universe despite any appearance to the contrary. That power is known as Spirit, God, Love, Higher Power. Whatever we name that Power, it is the motivating force of life in the Universe. It is also the force of life in each one of us. I experience it as a spark of life, as love, as a deep feeling of serenity, as knowing that all is well. I also experience it as a healing of my body.

I know that my body knows how to heal. I have seen it heal itself. I have seen the power of healing with the help of medical practitioners of all kinds. I have seen a body heal with medicines, with pills, with chemo, with x-rays, with surgery, and simply with belief itself. My body’s ability to heal is grounded in my belief and my ability to look past appearances of illness. I know people who have overcome terrible circumstances and health challenges with their power of belief. I know it is effective. Whether a person believes in his doctor, his treatment, his medicine, it all benefits the power of belief and it has a role in healing. It all encourages the body to heal.

As I look past appearances, I can see the healing process of my body. I affirm the healing of my body in every way. I affirm that the healing presence of Love and Good flows through every cell in my body, healing it completely. I affirm that as I write these words, my body is healing. Whatever doctors have named illness, I now look at and call it healing and health. I see every cell of my  body as healthy. I see every organ working perfectly, and all of the organs working together in harmony for my good. My body is expressing radiant health. I am now healthy and well. All things work for my  good. my doctors are guided to provide the perfect treatment, my medicine works perfectly for the healing of my body, everything I eats nourishes me, and I  find rest, relaxation, and healing sleep.  As this is true for me, it is true for everyone who believes it.

I give thanks for the healing force in the body, for the healing force in the Universe, for Good, for Love, and for Health.

I release these words now to their power, knowing that in the realm of all possibilities, the words are accepted with a resounding YES!!

And so it is.