For Nancy and All Mothers Whose Children Have Gone Before

For Nancy and All Mothers Whose Children Have Gone Before
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Former Senior Minister

There is One Life, a Life so large, so ubiquitous that it lives everywhere.  The One Life, the one I call God, creates from Itself for Its own experience and wherever It is, there is Peace, Love, Immortality, Happiness, Grace, and Good. Life is all there is.

I am born of this ubiquitous life and I revel in it.  I know it, create from it, and live a life so beautiful and huge that I am unified with it.  In this unity with Life, I am peace, love, immortality, happiness, grace, and good.  Life is all I am. As I know this for me, I know this for Nancy and her son, MJ.  I know this for all mothers everywhere and their children.  All of us are born of Life. Nancy is the grace of God born again and again. Her son, MJ, is also grace born again and again.

I affirm and declare for Nancy peace, the peace that surpasses all human understanding. The knowing that her son, her baby, has left this physical plane allows her to dwell in the knowing that he is free to explore the infinite universe.  The love she has for him and he for her cannot be diminished.  This love serves as a bridge of communication between them, and Nancy’s knowing allows her to see he has only gone ahead.  He is waiting at the door when her work is finished on this physical plane.  As for now, he is joyfully telling the tales of his life to the loved ones who met him at the door.  Joy, peace, and love cannot be diminished. They can only be freed and experienced. MJ is completely free, completely loved, and complete.

I am thankful for MJ and thankful for his mother, Nancy.  I am grateful that they explored this physical life together and happy they had each other.  I am grateful for Nancy’s grace, for her love, and for her leadership.  Her faith is deep and, for this, I give great thanks.  With a grateful heart, I surround Nancy in love and peace, and release this prayer knowing my words cannot come back to me void.  And so it is.  Amen.