For Perfect Acceptance and Well-Being

Alicia Kay Hanlen, RScP

For Perfect Acceptance and Well-Being
by Alicia Kay Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus Taos Center for Spiritual Living Divine Life

Dear Spirit, Source of All, Heart as my heart, the abiding Love essence that always guides and supports me, I turn my full attention inward and just revel in the joy, the knowledge, and the feeling of union with you, as both my Source and my Supply. As a recognize this energy as the creative foundation and basis of my very life and existence, I know that every facet of who I am can only be a perfect outpicturing of the Life Divine. I see all of my experiences, those which I may label “good” as well as those that I may interpret as “bad” as weaving together as the very tapestry of my life. As I continue to strengthen my trust in the Divine, and listen for my inner guidance, I allow this sweet inner knowing to guide me to the highest and best expression of myself, regardless of circumstances. Little by little, I am able to let go of expectations or feelings of inadequacy, or the concepts of “right” versus “wrong”, and just allow, simply be, at home with myself in all conditions. In the midst of that sweet surrender, I still know that I am fully open to receive my good, and recognize it as such, in the way of right and balanced living, to support me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I rejoice in this deep knowing, and I am at home with Spirit, with Life, and most importantly – with myself. I am blessed with the presence of family and friends, of community, and of social groups, and I know that these encounters support the high purpose of allowing my light to shine brightly in all that I do, and in my service to life itself.

Today, right now, I seek to always be ready and available to open my heart deeper, live my life fuller, and own the truth of who and whose I am – God’s precious child – in each and every waking, breathing moment. As I continue to expand my awareness, I fully embrace and accept unconditionally who I am, and this reality of the Oneness spreads to every corner of my mind, to every part of my physical being, and every event and area of my life.

I feel the blessings of this day, and I am so very grateful for the continuing evolution of my being. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dear Spirit. And so as I release this word into the Law, I declare and know that it is done, here, now and always. And so it is. Amen.