For the Artists

Tilia Giron, RScP

For the Artists
by Tilia Giron, RScP

We are all artists, you and me.
Born to express and create.

This is a call to express your divine gifts and talents
And this is especially for those of us who may hesitate to express them
And, so, end up with muddy waters.

Holding back our divine heartreach can engender a little death.
A crimping of life flow.
A draining of chi.
A withering of hope, of light, of brightness, and of joy.

To hinder this impulse within can cripple
At the very least
Block and bottle, or
Forestall our divine flow.

To disregard its voice could lead to crutches,
And, or addictions
Smothering the light in our spirit
Leading us to stumble and bumble about
Like lost spirits fumbling around in the dark.

An idea that needs to be expressed
Is like a jolt of lightning ready to burst just before it lashes out striking the horizon lighting up the sky for all to see.
It is like the chicken ready to lay its egg.
It is like the kingdom of heaven waiting to be born.

It is the pulse of life itself.
It is the breath.
It is that which we are born to do, to deliver, to create.

So, let us hear it for the artists of whatever expression, persuasion or dye.
That our hearts be opened.
Our songs come forth.
That our words, hopes, manifestations of that felt-within beat be surrendered to whatever medium can best reveal it to the world.

Not that it’s ‘the world’ that matters,
Rather it’s the unveiling of that thing within.
The allowing of the truth and the real and the personal and the deep soul speak that
Must be told.

For there are those of us who need to deliver our particular voice and talents in our own very particular way in a form that makes meaning for us and that others may then receive in their very own way.

Sharing that soul urge sets us free.
Allowing us to delve even deeper within ourselves
And connect with our truth,
Enhance and expand who and what we are
And merge us with that Divine Flow
Which opens us even further to Its gifts.

So sing dear artists, paint, sculpt, write, perform, sew, cook, speak, design, teach, demonstrate in whatever mode you are inspired!

And lift those of us who need to see, read, imbibe, inhale, join in or otherwise partake of your creations in our own way.

And we all gain.

It’s a Megawin!