For the Healing of Anyone Who is Contemplating Violence

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

For the Healing of Anyone Who is Contemplating Violence
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

I recognize the Presence of the One Loving Source and know that Love is God expressing as all people, in all places, in all times, and in all things.  God is in the most beautiful experience and the most horrific event.  There is NO place where God is not. So God is whole, complete, and perfect.  These are the qualities that express in me as well should I but allow it.  I am an expression of the One Loving Source.  I am God-in-action no matter the context. Whether I choose to be mindful or not, I am Spirit expressing in that moment. Every person, even those who may commit horrible deeds, has Divine Essence. I light a candle in honor of the Divine in every single person who feels suffering for any reason.

And so I choose Love, the “love that heals, love that sets us free.”  I feel only love for all the loners and depressed ones who feel powerless, who feel like violence is the next step for them.  I envision the arms of the Divine cradling each and every person who is suffering from a lack of Truth, from not knowing his/her sacred and valuable nature.  I reach out in my heart and in my life to anyone who needs attention and healing.  I see YOU. I love YOU.  God loves YOU.  YOU have a Divine purpose just waiting to be realized.  I affirm for those most in need, a flowing of care and help, that raises them up and puts them on the path to healing and self-worth. In the Divine, there is no need for violence or harm; there is only love. We belong to each other in the Divine.  And for those injured by violence, I affirm a deep healing as well, knowing that Love is the answer, not hate.  Stepping into the wholeness of the Divine, I honor the sanctity of every life and recognize the need for all people to be seen and heard, loved and healed.  This is the time to step into the Light together and choose love.

So I give thanks for this moment to pray and tap back into the Truth, to recognize the Divine in every person regardless of seeming appearance and to reach out to everyone in need of healing.  I give thanks for being able to lean into the arms of the Divine and stand strong on the foundation of Truth that God is: I am; You are; We are!  I appreciate the capacity to consciously heal and choose love over and over again.  I give thanks for Love.

With complete confidence in the Law and in the Love, I let this prayer go and know it is already manifesting in Divine Right Order now.  And so it is.