Russell Tobey Pope

by Russell Tobey Pope, RScP
Practitioner Emeritus

There is only one Power, the infinite and everlasting Power of Creation.   It is never ending.  It is available across all space and time. It is all that there is, and there is nothing else.  

I exist within this infinite Power I call God.   It is the source of my existence. Its wholeness in me is what my completeness is based on. Its infinite nature in me is where my endless creativity originates. God being everywhere present, It is where I am, no matter where I am and no matter what I am doing. There is nothing in life that works against me.

I am filled with the warmth knowing that I am at home in this life.   I move and breathe and have my being in my life which is not separate from this one Infinite Life. I know my mind is this Mind that creates all and forgives all.  I remember one of Its most beautiful names is Love: Love that rejects nothing; Love that embraces everything; Love that is unconditional; Love that is whole and utterly complete. And that is what I am.

Realizing this I reject nothing and to embrace everything. In this moment, I know the liberating power of forgiveness because I know my essential nature is Love knowing there is nothing to forgive for I am a manifestation of God.  I relax into this Divine forgiveness, not as something to achieve, not as something to attain, not as something to work at, but as something that is the natural fulfillment of a Love that has no opposite.

I rejoice and celebrate because I know that something good is happening simultaneously with this spiritual mind treatment. I know this is the way of spiritual law. I understand and accept that releasing my word in open-hearted acceptance.I release this affirmation knowing it is the truth

And so it is

Blessings and Love knowing PRAYER WORKS
Tobey RScP