Forgiveness, Letting Go and Welcoming the New

Forgiveness, Letting Go and Welcoming the New
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

I choose to forgive myself today for all of the mistakes, regrets and failures as I see and saw them in the past – past year, plus current and past lifetimes.

Anything I am and may be holding onto with anything 

Resembling sorrow or sadness, longing or regret, I now let go. 


Once released, it cannot return.

For I with help of The Divine release it into golden love and light to go forward in the world of Oneness. 

Here, all is love, unity, belonging, goodness, and Transcendence Supreme.

I let it go into the waiting arms of the Father/Mother welcoming the prodigal daughter/son back home having seen the way of the heart and the truth in light. 

And so, having all the light, love and riches of the Divine within and showering about me and within me at this time, and knowing only good comes to me however I see it at the time,

I now bless the old, 


I welcome in this new energy of increased and Supreme Light and 

Love wrapping it all about me like a warm snuggly coat on a frigid New Mexico Day in the mountains where the snow and ice still linger now to be transformed Into the glorious life-giving nectar of melting flowing water nourishing the land 


Supporting life, restored and enhanced through the Divine hand of water. 

And like the plants and the land, I, too, and you are nourished, restored, uplifted 


Renewed as we enter a new day preparing for a brand new year and a gloriously Brand new lifeā€¦

A new life filled with love and light, joy, balance, compassion, tenderness, Curiosity, wisdom, health, prosperity and adventure of heart, mind, spirit and Body open to receive and open to give. 

For as the Divine, of which I am and are you, 

I am infinite and so is my Light and Love, and so is yours. 

And as we enter this new year, I proclaim for me and for you and for us all a brand New accelerated time of glorious change, in higher light and increasing love and Miracles and Blessings all around, 

Abounding in form, love and prosperity on all Levels. 

Grateful for all of the blessings, recognized and unrecognized,

Occurrences, connections and conditions that have transpired 


Those yet to arrive via this remarkable light, love and prosperity being ushered in With the New Year, 

I leave you in an ever new and continuing , expanding, glorious 

Love and Infinite Joy 

As we enter this new upward spiral in 2023.  

And so it is!!