Free Will Expressing Itself

Free Will Expressing Itself
by Liza Kerr, RScP

Liza Kerr, RScP

Free Will expressing itself. Every day and in every way we make choices.  This is free will expressing itself.  We can choose to feel grateful for all that we have or we can choose to feel resentful or angry about our circumstances.  Understanding how Science of Mind works in my life has allowed me to tap into that potential that allows me to consciously alter my life so that it is the life of my choosing.  I am not free of the consequences of my actions, but I am free to use the power of my mind to alter both my inner journey and outer life to meet my needs. Today I give gratitude for the happiness I feel as a result of the choices I have made.  Let us pray.

There is one God.  That God is omniscient and omnipresent and simply exists outsides the confines of time.  That God is the ultimate Creator and created me as a living, breathing masterpiece.  I have all of the qualities of God, because there simply is nothing that is not God.  I am Good, I am Holy.  I AM.  If this is true for me it is true for each of you as well.  You are Good, you are Holy, you are all that is God.

I recognize the masterpiece that is me today and am so grateful for this opportunity to live and to breathe and to be a representative of God expressing itself as Liza, just the way that I am.  I recognize that if a situation is not working out for me – I have the free will to change it.  I can move past, around, or through any obstacle to make my life better, more fulfilling, more giving – whatever it is that Spirit moves me to do – I trust in Spirit to show me the way.  I trust that even when I don’t know what the next step is – it will be shown to me.  I trust that if I surrender to God and have the faith of God to resolve my issue that God will show me the way.  I accept the consequences of my actions both good and bad and use the results to fine tune the next step on the path.

I am grateful for this manifestation, and know that it has already occurred.

I release my prayer to the Law of Mind, knowing that it cannot come back to me void.

And so it is.