Freedom from Limitation

Nancy Bowers, RScP – In The Land of Faith

Freedom from Limitation
Nancy Bowers, RScP

“No person whose entire time is spent in the contemplation of limitation can demonstrate freedom from such limitation.”

“All the power of the universe is with you. Feel it, know it, and then act as though it were true.”

                                                                                                                                             ~Ernest Holmes

God is Limitless.  Unbounding Love.  Endless Peace.  Eternal Joy.  The Infinity of Spirit is beyond comprehension.  It is so very vast that my mind can barely begin to digest the enormity of Its Goodness.  But I know that the Nature of the Divine is Freedom and Its Nature is yours to embrace, just as it is mine.  It is who we are.

And so in this moment, this here, this now, I recognize the vastness that God offers me.  I know the importance of contemplating how loved I am, how blessed I am by this One Life I call God.  I know that all the treasures of life are mine for the asking; that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the Kingdom; that Heaven is here to the degree that I can accept it as my own.  I have as much freedom as I can embrace.  It is mine to receive. And just as this is true of me, I know that this is true of you, for God does not play favorites.  Sun shines on us all.  Rain wets everyone.

So, I invite you to allow the goodness in.  Contemplate the beauty that God wants for you.  Drink in the sweetness of the rain, the freshness of the breeze, the fragrance of flowers, the warm of our sun.  Let it all massage your soul.  Do whatever it takes to tear down the blocks that keep you from feeling the unassailable Love that is your birthright.  I claim for you the boundless love of God.  I claim for you the endless peace.  Feel how joy is trying to grab your hand and run with you laughing into wild abandon, where freedom kisses you full on and lets you know how very much you are meant to experience.  That’s how deep the Love of God.  That’s how boundless the Delight God feels at witnessing your glee.  It’s yours, my friend.  Let it dance with you.  It’s yours for the asking, just as it is mine.

Then give thanks.  I give thanks, for I am so very grateful, so immensely appreciative of the power and presence of God in my life.  I rest in awe of the immensity of Spirit.  It is Good and I give thanks for I am so, so grateful that God’s Love is so vast and so deep and so pure.  I revel in the generosity of Spirit.  I let it be my anchor.  It is my anchor.  It is my wings.

Then I let go, for I trust the Law to be what It is and I know God has heard my prayer so it is done.

And So it is. Amen.