Freedom to Choose

Freedom to Choose
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

I woke up this morning feeling lucky to be in a warm bed and at the same time feeling housebound because I was not able to go out due to the pandemic and the storm. How often do we feel two different feelings about the same thing? It reminds me once again that we choose our interpretation of what we are experiencing. That’s how we choose our reality. Am I warm and fortunate, or am I penned in? I choose freedom, blessings, and gratitude. This treatment is an affirmation of freedom.

The Ultimate Being, First Cause, Alpha and Omega, I call God or Spirit. It is the ground of being, the source of power, creativity, and freedom. I am one with It, and it expresses in, through and as me.

            As fully as I am open to receive, I express the Power of Spirit. I express it in my presence, in my actions, in service, and in my thoughts. I express it with faith, with confidence.

            I am one with Spirit’s Creativity. Any and all ideas I need come to me from Spirit. As long as my ideas are of love and wholeness, they are from God, and they express through me. My creativity is endless because it is of Spirit.

            And I am Free. Free to choose my thoughts, my unique expression, my experience of Life. My freedom is not of the body, though the body is affected by it, but of the Spirit. I can express myself as fully as I am in touch with Spirit.

This is true of all who read these words and accept them.

I am grateful for my life, for life itself, for all I am, do and have. I am grateful for my health, abundance, wholeness. I am grateful for the love in my life. I am grateful for life as it is and I count my blessings. I am grateful for this prayer that opens me to Spirit and to accept all of the blessings of Spirit.

I release this prayer to the Universe, knowing that it returns to me fulfilled.

And so it is.